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Dongguan Seapeak CNC Machining Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Seapeak-CNC Co.,Ltd in 2010 and located in Dong guan city , Guang dong province ,China,  almost  80 kilometers away from White Cloud Airpot  in Guang zhou the third largest city in China , sized more than 1500 square-meter area, owned about 40 accomplished craftsmen, Dong guan Seapeak-CNC Co.,Ltd is a contract manufacturer of precision CNC machining parts with ISO-9001 2000 certified.

Equipped with advanced equipment including CNC turning machines, two types of five-axis machining centers , lathes and milling machines , four-axis milling machine, three –axis milled machine, wire cutting machines (middle-speed, low-speed), CNC tool grinders , universal lathe and milling machines and so on plus some inspection apparatus covering two dimensional measuring instrument from Swiss, two dimensional microscope , ring gauge , thread gauge, block gauge, PIN gauge , American system, British system . We have been dedicated to industries like military, defense, aerospace ,medical science, transportation, energy....

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